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  • BIPOC Women's Issues

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    Black and Non-Black Folx of Color Women’s Issues

    “Women’s issues” is a tricky term because the issues clients bring to counseling are as unique as the women themselves and adding the additional caveat of being Black and/or Non-Black folx creates even more of an intersectionality. There are lots of reasons women seek counseling. Here are some common things that women bring to therapy:

    -Relationship concerns and the fear of being alone

    -Trauma from generations of family

    -Burn-out from caring for others

    -Boundary issues in relationships

    -Excessive worry about other’s approval

    -Avoiding confrontation

    -Racism, sexism, other isms…

    Women deserve a safe place to work through things, particularly any issues causing distress. Females are often taught from an early age to focus on others and to avoid being “selfish.” Many women experience suffering and burn-out from over-giving in relationships. Women can be so good at focusing on others that we forget to center attention on ourselves.

    Additionally, it can sometimes be hard for women to figure out who they are outside of their roles as partners or mothers. Roles can become rigid, making it hard to remember who you are and who you can be as a woman. Often, women can find meaning in places where they can focus on themselves. Especially in places where they can feel passion, creativity, and energy. Counseling for women often focuses on values clarification. For example, what is your purpose in life? How do you intentionally make decisions to create the life you want?


    Therapy helps women say ‘no’ to what they do not want. I hope to help women of color to ‘find their voice,’ advocate for themselves, and create the life they ultimately desire.