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  • A safe space to be an unapologetic BIack and Non-Black Folx of Color that supports your mental health

    A space filled with freedom to vent without judgement.

    Are you someone that:

    -Is Black and/or Non-Black Folx of Color?

    -Is having difficulty navigating relationships?

    -Can’t say no?

    – Is struggling with showing vulnerability?

    -Has difficulty setting or maintaining boundaries?

    – Feels as though you have to have it all together at all times?

    -Is having difficulty breaking and recognizing unhealthy choices?

    -Is looking for an authentic and safe space to be yourself?

    If you answered yes to any or all of these…

    …Then let’s chat!

    “Not everyday is a good day for me”

    The quote above as shared by one of my favorites, Megan Thee Stallion resonates because this is true for many, so I offer compassion, genuine connection, and open-minded perspective to explore this with you.

    Women of color have constantly been the most unprotected, disrespected, and neglected for too long when it comes to love, money, status, and especially mental health. We are taught to present and be the image of strength and may rarely show vulnerability or moments of weakness, and yet still do it all somehow.

    There are times when that path leads us off the course of happiness and fulfillment, and into the unexpected when we just can’t hold it all together and need our release too. That’s ok.

    Whether you’re stuck in the woods of overcoming self-defeating beliefs, breaking unhealthy relational patterns, or feeling overwhelmed by having to do it all, it is possible to climb out and get back on track. I know it feels daunting now, but that is why you are here.

    Here at The Charisma Collective Wellness Services, LLC, we will work with you to help you develop the strategies you need to get back on the path that leads to happiness, peace and success. Together, we will work to address the issues you are facing so that you can climb out of those woods confident and ready to take on a new direction in life.

    We will work closely to analyze what struggles you are facing, their underlying causes, and try to change the behaviors and thought patterns that are keeping you from being the person you want to be.

    If you’re ready to get back on the path that leads to a more fulfilling life, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today so we can work to get you back on course. (Ahh…if ya know, ya know).

    About Dr. Charisma Houston (Owner)

    I’ve had experience working in several settings and had the opportunity to learn a lot. Although, I have several interests I offer a wide variety of approaches and flexibility to best meet you where you are, literally, as a board certified telemental health provider. I offer an authentic approach to treatment. If you are ready to make changes, learn more about me.